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The're not lookalikes but replicate the music of Stereophonics like no other tribute band.
In 2020 during the crazy Corvid 19 lockdown Stereofonix was born, all the members of a local Huddersfield covers band Fiery Biscuits decided there singer Vinny Harrison sounded to much like Kelly Jones, so into rehearsals they went. 


The group began as a covers band playing a varied repertoire of current and classic hit songs in their own unique style. The set included several Stereophonics tracks and it soon became apparent that Vinny had the same vocal range and a similar voice to Kelly Jones. So they decided to venture into the world of tribute bands and Stereofonix was born.

Shaun Butterworth was added to the mix on second guitar duties.  Shaun has been working in another local covers band called Wired, he's been on the gigging scene for a number of years now and has a really pro attitude.  He makes a fantastic addition to the already popular band members and his guitar playing is second to none.  With him sharing lead guitar duties with Rick this is one hell of a line-up.

The line up:

Vinny Harrison - Vocals

Rick Da Costa - Lead Guitar

Pete Goodall - Lead/ Acoustic Guitar

Paul Andrew Chorlton – Bass Guitar

Andy Davies - Drums/ Backing Vocals